After 8 days since writing to you my account is still blocked. Why?


Hi Oleksii,

How is possible that I haven’t head back in more than 1 week? We are speaking about money here. Almost all banks reply w/in 48 hrs and solve in a logical way all misscommunications. Also Revolut froze roughly 15K USD. I need this money to launch my start up. This attitude is really careless of your customers; this is surreal…

See our past interaction: [HELP] My account got suspended indefinitely and I am not sure why



Have you tried contacting :r: on Twitter? It’s usually faster than the app.


Also, given how extremely collaborative and well written your first post was and how, let’s say… “short” was @Oleksii’s response (yeah check your email + thread locked), I’d suggest you to file a formal complaint about this :wink:


Thanks Julio. How can I file a formal complaint? Like via court or something else?


thanks! I tried. let’s see if they are more responsive there


Hello @Jul_Giulianelli

I am terribly sorry to hear about your negative experience. I am afraid, our support does not have a lot of details regarding your case as it is handled by another relevant department. Due to security reasons, we are not able to provide you with any information regarding our internal processes or state of your account on a public community page as well. Therefore all correspondence was going through the email and on chat with our relevant team. The remaining funds will be processed back during this working week. Let us know if you need any assistance by following up on our email thread.


I have the same problem
I need help


Hi there @Rubentmp!

I can see that the case was handled via the chat support. Great to hear that it’s resolved! :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:
Please let us know if you will need any further assistance with Revolut for Business :briefcase:

Kind regards,
David :wave:


Have they solve the problem or not ? Would be nice to know to see the positive feedback or not