After 2 month of being loyal customer (Disappointed)


i regret to say this but its true~
i have to give statement every time to them. i don’t mind that but they take almost 24 hour to unlock my account. This is not professional.
Today a new representative who has just joined revolut 7 days ago told me my account is under review and it will take 4-5 days to review. I mean who waits that much??


Update: Account is unlocked now!! Thank you!!


I’m troubled by this. Are you saying that, after being a member for 2 months, your account was abruptly locked and you’ve been advised it will remain that way for 4-5 days, with no access to your own money?

I’ll be watching this thread closely and eagerly await a response from @AndreasK. I certainly hope there was a good reason for this and it’s not common business practice.


yes sir. I am a member of revolut since 2 months. I had some pleasant moment using revolut. Almost transacted 4K GBP in total.
They eventually lock my account and i have to give statements and unlock it. I dont mind on that but since two days they’re saying me to wait for 4-5 days to review account.
ITS CHRISTMAS!! I HAVE TO GIFT MY PEOPLE, SPEND MONEY. I WAS RELYING ON REVOLUT BUT THEY DISAPPOINTED ME. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY NEED 4-5 DAYS TO REVIEW MY ACCOUNT. I love revolut service they have been good to me no doubt in that but this time its way too much… Andreas not even replying to this thread!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!


I see. That’s not cool.

@AndreasK, when you’re back, could you please comment on the above and explain what is being done to prevent users suddenly being locked out of their own money?

I get that there are strong regulations for guarding against financial crimes, but surely more of this could be done at the start, and handled with a little more delicacy than an abrupt ‘lock’ during the use of the account?

My concern is that if users are taking their cards with them abroad on holidays, having access to the account could well be the difference between a pleasant holiday, and a financial nightmare. Whilst it’s acknowledged that the general advice is to carry more than one card, not everyone has more than one set of money, so at best this is still reducing a user’s active holiday balance by a significant percentage.

Furthermore, it’d be useful to know if this ‘lock and ask questions later’ approach is also the case with business accounts. If my bank suddenly prevented access to my account and failed to resolve it within minutes (let alone days), my very next step would be to switch banks and then lodge a complaint with the PRA. As a new Revolut Business account holder, what assurances are there in place to ensure this won’t happen?

I look forward to your response. There seems to be too many of these issues floating around the boards.


Yes, furthermore this is not even my business account. I use it for normal uses.
When you said travelling around and using card. A thought strike on my head, what if am abroad i took one credit card and one revolut card!! My bank disables my card for some reason, i cant really rely on revolut anymore. (NOT ANYMORE)

Revolut should change their way of security measures. A new account having lots of locks is ok, but a account with good reputation and a little aged should not face this kind of issues, this just makes people stop using revolut!!!


Agreed. It’s quite odd for an account of good repute to be arbitrarily locked. Obviously, I don’t know the details of your transactions, nor of the mechanism Revolut/partner banks have in place for suspecting fraud, but there’s no scenario in which 4-5 days is an acceptable timeframe to re-enable an account.

This should be minutes - hours, at most. @AndreasK, could you please elaborate on the timeframes? Do you have dedicated staff tending to this process - or is the block on the side of the partner banks?


As far as I understand (I’m no Revolut team member - just been a normal user for approx 2 years now), this is what happens:

The first few thousand pounds/dollars/euros of transacting are “free” without needing any type of verification. There is an optional verification step that you can already do in advance, from the profile/account section in the application (it also raises your limits).
If the verification is done before hitting that first no-verification limit, no lock ever happens. If it is not, there is a lock until the verification is complete.

I myself did the verification in the first few weeks of having my account, and haven’t encountered a single lock in the last ~2 years, despite using Revolut as my main credit card during that whole time.

This is no official statement or anything, just a single user’s perspective / feedback / report. Treat it as such :slightly_smiling_face:


If that’s indeed the case for all users (and/or that’s the situation in @amjadaziz’s particular case), then I’d propose a simple reminder e-mail to go out as users are nearing their limits.

I do think that 4-5 days for a review of excessive once the account is being actively used. At the start, fine - one expects a minimum level of onboarding. Or indeed if there’s such a wild fluctuation in usage patterns…e.g. an account that’s typically spending £500/mo suddenly starts spending £30K… but for regular use, putting a user out of action for almost a week is definitely not on.


@itsmelle and @Thulinma My account is fully verified and i’ve 25k yearly limit. i topped up 4k so far, so am not even near to my limits. if thats your question!

The live agent stopped replying me. I asked them many a times today requesting and update no one replied there nor here any revolut team responded me in my issue.



Hi @amjadaziz

First, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. Your account was locked by our automatic security system and unfortunately for security reasons we cannot disclose more information.

Further, there are certain procedures our team follows to ensure the safety of all users and their accounts. As stated via in-app chat the review will take 5-7 working days and you will be contacted once a resolution is reached.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


this is the same answer your live chat agent gave. I was expecting more explained answer. its being 2nd day now since account is blocked!!!

i deserve a proper answer when will it be unlocked and what is going on why do you need this much time to check the account?