After 2 days and hours of chat, my account has been blocked indefinitely and my balance retained by Revolut


That’s my experience. I used the card for 2 years then, out of the blue, I couldn’t withdraw money anymore even if I didn’t pass the 500 pounds per day limit. Contacted the support, result: they blocked my account.
I have been asked to send salary slips and bank slips. Unfortunately I am a self employed businessman so I don’t have a salary, I invoice my clients and they pay me. So I have been asked to send the invoices I issued in last 3 months and the bank slips. Just to be sure I provided them the invoices requested, bank slips of last 6 months, certificate of chamber of commerce proving i am the sole owner of my business, my tax declarations, my ID card, balance of my company of last year and first trimester of current year. Wasn’t enough: I have been asked for verification codes of my cards, which I sent, and for screenshot of my mobile banking app showing I own the cards used: sent them too. After speaking with 5 or 6 different operators, I got notified that my account has been indefinitely blocked according to the T&C. And at that point nobody cares anymore in the support chat. Funny enough, the operator who blocked me has a work experience of 121 days! So somebody who works for the company for 4 months has the right to block indefinitely a client and hold his money. Yes, because I had a balance of 570 euros on the account and nobody tells me how to get them back. I don’t think this is a fair behavior. I am not sure it’s even legal to keep client’s money that way. I’d really like somebody serious to come back to me and solve the issue.


Hey @Xantoma :slight_smile:

If your case is real I’d just go and submit an official complaint through this form


Could it be that you used your account for business purposes like clients paid into your account? This might be the T&C violation.


No, never! I always charged it from my account and my cards. Never anybody put money in it


Sorry, didn’t want to make wrong assumptions, my apologies.


Don’t apologize! You tried to be helpful :blush: I appreciate it


If it gets resolved do yourself a favour and delete this nonsense then start using a proper bank. That way at least you have options to solve everything if anything goes south.


File complaint to UK Financial Ombudsman Service and Financial Conduct Authority (not sure if possible with FCA).


I have already a normal bank with their cards and an American Express… I have to admit their service is good and cost effective, but their support and behavior with clients is incredible. They treat you like they don’t care of you being their client


I plan to fill the complaint if my attempts to fix stuff won’t go well…


Customer support equals time, equals money. You can’t say it’s it is cost effective when you literarily wasting time and money on it by not doing business and running around collecting all kinds of papers for uninformed bureaucrats.


Well, in 2 years it’s the 1st time I have an issue, but I admit that such a thing is not worthy. They claim its cos of EU regulations on money laundering. I am. Italian and I live in Italy, those regulations apply also to my banks and my other card providers and nobody ever treated me like this. Definitely won’t be their client anymore once I got my money back.


The onboarding process for your Italian bank is most likely different and more complex. And one of the unique situations is that regular banks do not allow funding of accounts with debit cards like Revolut does. This seems to be a challenge.


Money laundering laws is just type of FUD they spread to save time and get rid of you faster. Those laws are quite clear on when they apply and what criteria has to be met to even raise a flag.

Just like some nobody started talking about money laundering when some guy wanted his 10 quid back.


Have you heard about adding cash to your account at the ATM? That’s the same thing. Actually it is worse, because cash cannot be traced. Anything added to Revolut can be traced very easily.


Yeah. How many challenger banks with fast onboarding processes and e-money license allow adding cash?


And why is it relevant? Fact is you can add money to your normal bank account and it cannot be traced and will not raise any flags believe me, but for some reason revolut has a problem when someone sends money to his revolut account?

They are just not happy he has worked around their business nonsense account.


Well, clever strategy. Raising points and then questioning their relevance.