Advice on using Revolut card in Morocco

I’m travelling to Marrakesh at the end of June and I was wondering if people have used Revolut there and if it works fine and if there is any tips.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

I travelled to Morocco this February and can confirm ATM withdrawals work perfectly fine. I believe withdrawwals are free no matter which ATM you use. I used my card with 3 different banks none of them charged me.


Hi, can you elaborate on what 3 banks did you use ? Now i presume you’re not going to remember which ones, so i’m going to cite the most known and big banks in terms of total assets in morocco and i hope you remember which one,
Attijari Wafabank, Bank of Africa, CIH Bank, Société Générale, Crédit du Maroc…
Rings any bell ? Thank you

This is an old thread from 2017. Now it looks like all banks charge a fee except BaridBank