Advanced Analytics, suggestion rules and new tags


I’ve been thinking of features that I personally would want in Revolut, in short I would like this to happen:

Quick info

  1. Advanced set of analytics tools, to better sort my data, and turn it into more useful information.
  2. Be able to set custom tags to each purchase and vendor, like “Garbage food” or “Energydrink”
  3. Have a suggestion algorithm and to be able to set rules for it.

Advanced Analytics
I would like to be able to generate charts by combining any type of data YES, ANY! Don’t you hide my data Revolut! ;), (including the custom tags that I will talk more about)
It would be really helpful for me to create charts that are easy to look at, with colors and all kind of sorting alternatives, lets say I’ve added a custom tag each time I buy microwave food, and each time I buy healthy foods, maybe I am thinking “I don’t buy Microwave food that often…” so I would then be able to output that data and compare, and after that be able to make better decisions about what I really should put my money on. There are thousands of different scenarios one would be able to use this, but that was just one example.

Custom tags
Custom tags in itself is maybe not that useful, but the reason why I want this is because I want to incorporate it into Advanced Analytics and Suggestions.
So I want to be able to add Custom tags to any purchase, vendor and whatever else we can think of that would be useful.
Also I think to be able to get the most out of suggestions, you should be able to add a “risk” or, “desired” value to a tag (1 to 5? 10?), maybe Energy drink is not very desired for your health and outcome, so that could be tagged as desired 2 (undesired).

Suggestion Algorithm with Rules
Imagine this, you add information about your income, how much you want to save, what you would rather want to spend your money on, and other information.
Okey, so lets go back to the microwave food, lets say I am buying tons of microwave food, which I have not yet figured out that I put so much money on, and according to my previous entered information I want to save X amount of money, and I’ve put Microwave food into Desired level 2 (quite undesired), the suggestion algorithm would see that and say “Hey! I noticed that you buy alot of undesired items, if you were to lower Tag X purchases you would be able to save X amount each month”

I’ve not spent too much time thinking about all the use cases and usability, but I believe if we put our smart brain power together we could make these features really REALLY useful and help Revolut become the most desired financial app out there! :smiley:
PS: I know there was something I thought of which I forgot… if I remember it I will add it!