Address of delivery is not the address of my profile


Hi Revolut team,

I have ordered in express my card. I am suprise to see that my card is now on the way to the wrong address, the postal code is totally different to mine…

The address on my profile is correct…

I can’t update the delivery address with DHL, it should come from the sender.


Hey @sebc :slight_smile:

I’d suggest urgently getting in touch with the in-app support chat clicking the More tab, then clicking Support, typing live agent to be transferred to one and clearly explaining your problem so they can rectify that before it’s too late :wink:


Just curious, when it was ordered and when it was posted?

Mine was ordered on 10, had to be posted on 11 and still nothing… And I’m kinda worried as I’ll leave :man_facepalming:


@Iskender: I have ordered it on 10th too and it was posted on 11th.


@Juliopp: Thank you, I just initiated it and now waiting for a live agent! I was able to postpone the delivery date, but not the delivery address with DHL (has to come from Revolut team).


Lucky you… :frowning:
If mines doesnt arrive till Tuesday then is a BIG problem as I’ll have to order another one… Premium be like…