Address mismatch logic is wrong

Just discovered this the hard way…

The Revolut App only tells you about an address mismatch AFTER a failed top-up. Subsequent top up attempts will tell you BEFOREHAND that the address does not match and blocks you from making a top up.

Why is this a problem? The failed transfer due to mismatch still sees the requested money leave your bank. So now I have £2500 waiting to be returned which takes several days (up to 10) which is massively MASSIVELY inconvenient.

After a bit of digging I worked out Revolut doesn’t seem to compare your Revolut account address with the bank when you action the transfer. It compares it with the address that’s saved with the bank card in the app! So why can’t you block me from attempting a top-up by comparing the addresses beforehand?

It might be due to this:

This service is called AVS, address verification system. It’s offered by payment network providers, Mastercard and Visa. It checks one’s billing address. The address check happens during pre-authorization.

I might be wrong here, but I think the point here is not to check if your Revolut account address and the billing address of a top up card match. The point is that AVS checks if the billing address you’ve entered when setting up a card for top ups matches the address that is associated with that specific card.


I see what you’re saying and yea it makes sense.

My thinking is as follows…

Considering this is personal banking, how often would the revolut account address differ from that of the saved top-up card? In my opinion this should at the very least raise a flag to the end user. “Hey your Revolut account address is different to your saved top-up card”

In my case I moved house, updated the Revolut account address but not the saved top-up card address.

Money laundering? How many banks allow to top up a current account via card payments? They probably just want to make sure that you’re the legitimate owner of a card. If you’ve got a bank account in the UK and somewhere else (Expat, foreign student … ), you can link all your cards.

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Guys I’m suffering a similar issue.
I’ve got both my VISA debit cards (HSBC and Barclays) both issued in the UK. However the billing address is in Portugal. I use both on PayPal (although PayPal doesn’t let me change the billing address from UK to Portugal, somehow I manage to get payments through), I use both on Google Pay without issues. And I also use them on many internet websites : Dropbox, British Airways etc…
But unfortunately, I can’t use either for top ups on revolut… I get the postcode mismatch message all the time… I was advised trying postcode 0000 or something… My Portuguese postcode is comprised of 7 numeric digits xxxx-xxx separated by a dash after the first four…
I’m managing to top up with bank transfers and using Google Pay instead.
I’ve been asked by the technical for a bank statement linking the card to the address. There’s no such thing. I reached Barclays and they don’t provide it. Because there’s no need.
Here’s why:
Please see my latest message on the chat support with revolut:
"I’m sorry you’re not able to add my VISA card…
I’ve provided enough information. I don’t understand.

I reached my bank, which isn’t any bank, it’s Barclays, and I asked for some sort of letter or statement confirming that my card is linked to the address on my account.
They cannot do it because it doesn’t make sense.
See, A regular bank statement already has the proof that the address linked to the account and sort code which are printed in front of the card, making an unequivocal confirmation that the card linked to the account is linked to the address printed on the statement. Period.

It’s unclear why this isn’t proof enough… "

I’ve provided support with:
Bank statement where they can read:
My address
My account number
My account sort code
My name
And I’ve provided a photograph of the front of my card (erased some digits) where they can read:
The card holder’s name (My name)
The card number
The card’s bank account number
The card’s bank account sort code

Having this in hand, it’s unclear why isn’t it enough for revolut to confirm the UK issued card is linked to the address provided three times:
Creating the revolut account
Adding the visa card for top ups
Providing the bank statement linked to the card added

And therefore allow topping up directly without having to go through Google Pay.

Any hints?

Latest update:
Support is referring this matter to the technical team who should contact me soon.