Address mismatch error but money still taken from HSBC account



I’m writing here as I’m getting frustrated with the live agent. As it stands I have £1510.00 “missing”.

    1. I tried to top-up my account using my debit card for £1500.00
    1. Got an error saying this was rejected due to an address mismatch (which is correct, I had changed it on hsbc)
    1. Tried another £10.00 top-up thinking I had fixed the problem.
    1. Logged in to my HSBC to notice my account was £1500 short.
    1. Phoned HSBC they said its been authorized by them (HSBC) and that Revolut need to accept or reject the transaction. HSBC gave me a transaction ref number.
    1. Live agent says it was rejected back in step 2, above. OK, so why is my HSBC account short £1500.00 if it was rejected/declined at the time of top-up?! Is this a bug or my misunderstanding?
    1. HSBC still saying Revolut need to accept/reject
    1. Repeat steps 6, 7.

So as you can see I’m going in a loop here and starting to get really concerned. Could someone please help me?



Hey @Phil2 :slight_smile:

Pre-authorizations transactions that are not confirmed will probably revert to your HSBC account within 10 days :wink:


Hi @Juliopp Juliopp,

The logic doesn’t seem right.

I would have thought the transaction would be blocked/declined by Revolut if an error occurs rather than taking it from my bank. Now I have to wait for potentially 10 days for a large sum of cash to find its way back.

Appreciate your help with this matter.



Hey again @Phil2 :slight_smile:

Take into account that, even if :r: rejected it (which I don’t know if it’s the case or not), it might still take some hours for the money to show back again.


Hi @Juliopp,

Sorry - But that’s my point but rather than hours, I could be without the money for potentially 10 days. All because I had my address wrong.

24 hours so far without the £1500.00 in either my HSBC or Revolut account.



That is how the credit card networks work. They block a certain amount during pre-authorization. It is the same for all cards and not specific to Revolut. But you can ask Revolut to revert a wrong transaction sooner than the 10 days, which they usually do anyway.


Hi there.

The top us has been reverted back, however it might be pending on HSBC’s end.