Address keeps changing when ordering a new card


I was trying to order a new card but the address keeps changing automatically from what I initially set up to another address with the same postcode. Can you fix this issue asap please? Thanks.


Are you trying to send to the address that’s currently on your account or a different one?



It’s the same address. I didn’t change the address so I expect it to remain
the same.




I have the same problem. Had a live chat session with Natalia on Thursday without a resolution, and haven’t heard anything since then.


Also having this issue, looks like it’s trying to pull the address from a list, then assuming it’s the first result for the postcode. It’s as if it doesn’t trust us to put our own addresses in. Really disappointed as the card seems great but if I can’t order it then I can’t use it and crappy coding has lost you a customer.


If your having really serious problems try Facebook messenger. And contact support.


I think that not being able to order a card counts as “really serious problems”. I started a thread here about it, which was ignored. I have posted in this thread, clearly others have the same problem. I have contacted support using the in-app support, waited four hours for someone to respond, and then all I got was “log out and log in”, “reinstall the app”, none of which worked, unsurprisingly.

I guess I could try Facebook, but it seems ridiculous that I have to resort to that when there are official support routes.


Oh well, it’s been a week now, I give up. I’ve taken my £10 back. My Monzo card is on its way.


I have exactly the same issue. Nearly didn’t pick it up and card would have been sent to a third party address. Very very serious fraud issue here and needs to be sorted pronto.

If you can’t get this simple thing right then I am really very circumspect about the ability to trust Revolut with any form of cash balance.


also having this issue. has anyone managed to solve it?


I was also having the same problem.

I was able to get it sorted by using the in-app chat. I submitted the order to an incorrect address while speaking to customer service and they changed the address to the correct one.