Address issue when adding card


I have a question which has bothered me for more than 3 months and it seems that customer support couldn’t solve the issue for me.

Basically I was using my Barclays to top up. As one day I moved to the new house, so I updated all the address to the new house, my Barclays account billing address, revolut address, top up card address, and once I have update all the address, I can’t use my card to top up again.

As the customer service said I should keep the address simple, so I only wrote the house number and building name. It didn’t help at all. We’ve also tried to delete the revolut card and activate it again. Still no miracle. I thought it was my address problem, so I tried to top up with another card which I don’t use at all with the new address, and it does works!

I still need to use my Barclays to top up though because the other bank account I don’t use it at all. I have checked with Barclays customer service to confirm that my address has been update to the latest one. However, the revolut customer service still told me that I should contact Barclays customer service as they can’t solve the issue for me.

Can anyone advise how to make it work Again? I really want to use the revolut.

Thank you.


Hey there! We can certainly assist with this, have you contacted us on the support chat? Please try to remove the numbers from address lines 1 & 2 and change the postal code to - when adding the address.


I contacted your customer service many times before, but they only told me to delete the number, which didn’t work at all.

But now, after I tried to change the postcode to - , it works, and everything is back to normal. Thank you sooooo much!