Address instead of Merchant Name

There are some topics here with wrong merchant logos and some ideas how we - as user - could help to improve the logo mapping.
Now what I see is that :r: sometimes even picks the street name of the vendor instead of the vendor name. So before we solve the logo mapping problem they must solve the current vendor names. R claims that this is the problem with the vendor but the vendor and SIX in Switzerland say that this is a R related problem. So what are your thoughts / experiences?


2 examples.

I can say that it did not happen to me yet in Spain, the merchant name appears and below the timestamp.

I can also confirm that when I’m in Switzerland I can see the street then the merchant, exactly like your post, and in bus stops the name of the bus stop (like “VBZ Messe”).

That you see the merchant on my screenshot - these are just my notes. :wink:

Will try and upload a screenshot to this post, I meant always see the merchant name above, instead of the street name. However when I travel there, I also see the street first.

I would be good if :r: could specify how they read the names, where from, and eventually let us label them whatever we want.