Address for SEPA payment


I am trying to make a SEPA payment in my Revolut account but my bank is asking me for a Payee address. Which one do I use? The one under the SWIFT tab?

Shouldnt that be the address of the beneficiary and not the bank? Though, are you sure it is required by your bank and not just optional?

No it won’t let me proceed without inserting address. Do I just put my home address? Shouldn’t it be the address of the bank (Revolut in this case) accepting the money?

Well, it depends on what the form actually requires, but usually I’d assume it refers to the beneficiary address.

Ok I will try that, thanks.

Hey, I tried but the transfer won’t go through. I also tried the address in the SWIFT tab and it didn’t go through either. Any ideas? When I do SEPA with Transferwise they give me the address of the bank that accepts the transfer and it goes through fine.

Dont use SWIFT.

What error message do you get from your bank? An address is usually not required, but should they require the recipient’s bank address (for whatever reason) you could try the one listed

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Hi Alessandro, it still doesn’t work. I get an error message, I ended up using Transferwise for the transfer this morning. Transferwise they give me the bank of the address of the account I am transferring the money. Don’t we have one with Revolut?

Cant tell you why that failed. Generally it is not required. I’d contact the bank and ask why they didnt accept it.