Address change bank and revolut

Hi, i just change my address on bank and then on revolut card , na dnow i can’t top-up my Revolut Card.
The message appear on my app is “top-up has been declined as the billing address you entered does no match th billing address linked to your bank account.”
how can i do to solve my problema?.
Thank you

It seems like your bank needs some time to update the billing address that is delivered via AVS.

Hi there

My bank has recently changed my card billing address from a UK based one to a French one. Now I am unable to top up my card, even though I add the correct French post code (My bank have confirmed it’s correct)

I see from other chats that people who have changed their card billing address to outside the Uk have the same problem - they get a personal reply from someone on the Revolut team for Help. Please advise.