Additional wireless-only card wore on wristband

It would be amazing to get an additional wireless-only card which can be worn on a silicone wristband.
I saw a similar solution on the Open’er music festival in Poland there is description how it works.

There is a small card with wireless only payment which can be put it in a silicone bracelet on a hand.

And it looks like image above.

People can pay in a store with a just a wristband (PayPass are the more common way to pay instead of Apple/Google pay not supported in a lot of countries).

The user should have an ability to control additional card it with a revolut app, like turn on/off, set a limit on it for a wireless payment.

There is a similar project on indiegogo


Nice idea. Things like this should be universal though and allow different cards to be utilised, otherwise you will be looking like Del Boy with a million wristbands up ones arm!

Wouldn’t Apple Pay on the Apple Watch work for this function?

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The payable wristband idea is truly awesome. It can be used without ones phone, does not need charging and very affordable. Wristly are working on a solution that will allow Revolut users to tokenize their cards onto a waterproof low cost wristband. Neat!