Additional Cards linked to one account

How about having the ability to add an additional user to your account.
Would be great for both my wife and I to have cards linked to the one account


I would really love this too. Please add this feature

I’d love this too. Ability for us to have 2 cards that link to a single account is great for household budgeting etc

Me too. This would be really useful.

I really want this , if you have 2 cards one for each partner then if you have loaded money on to the account at least you have back up should you experience a problem with one card. i.e card gets damaged.lost or compromised.

This would be a huge help to me too as I use my card for travelling so like to top it up over multiple cards then just use the 1 card whilst away. If I keep swapping cards to top up, my card issuer flags it as fraud and I then have to speak with them to unblock my credit cards (because of the pre-auths). It would be helpful to have multiple similar to the travelex supercard

What about the ability to own multiple cards from different countries.
For example I own cards from uk and france but my adress in uk does not allow me to top up in pounds with my uk cards.

you can add more cards for top up, just swipe left

Yes you can add cards but imagine if you have 2 adress for different cards. Then it does not work.

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Actually you can order an additional card but only one card can be active at any time, for a security reason

@AndreasK what’s the security rationale for this?

Not sure if someone mentioned, bud besides many great advantages already mentioned here, additionally would be best solution to have a card for kid. Main supervising account making money available for child card/account, setting security settings and seeing expenses. Great 21 century worth solution :wink:

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would also like to have an app for the additional card on a separate phone where only the transactions related to that card would be notified and appear.

I do not understand why not to have a joint account.

They are working on it.

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Hi, did secondary cards ever get implemented? This would not only be good for kids but also other dependents…parents or partners with loss of memory or infirm and need helpers to do purchases for example…a growing segment of the population & seriously under served.

You can already have two active physical cards. The shared account feature / card for kids weren’t rolled out yet.

I think the point here is to have second card with a different name than the account holder.

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