Additional Cards for family members


Could we get additional cards linked to the master account with our children’s names on? i.e. they are under 18 years old?

Link one card to two accounts?

Coming soon for premium and platinum. There is a video on their Facebook from RevRally London which explains a lot of new things that are coming in the short term :slight_smile:

Revolut Premium Family Subscriptions (Similar to Spotify model)


The Family Cards were already mentioned by Revolut via Twitter on Feb 20th 2018.
I am desperately awaiting this functionality!


Same here! My son is 13 and local banks have no useful features for kids. This would be perfect for me to help manage his allowance.


It would be a very catchy feature. As I see it, lots of parents would like to offer their kids the responsibility for their spending, while still staying in control of the budget.


Will you at least be able to add a spouse/partner without Premium/Platinum membership?


Looking forward to this, but will be quite disappointed if it is for Premium only. I think a 1 off payment per family member (unless above 3 or 5? members) would make more sense.
I can tell you in advance that for many, including me, it wont be a solution for if one has to pay monthly for it. :cry:


Any progress on this matter? Want to share wirh my wife and kids…


I am a new user here with great interest for this family / kids feature (ie. multiple cards on one account)
Does anyone have update he could share ?
thank you very much


Yes, this would be a very good feature. I need this :slight_smile:


Yeah, this seems to have been in the works for months now. I would be great if revolut were able to provide a timeframe to give people a bit of ease of mind that it is on the way! @AndreasK


Hi there,

You will probably find this interesting:

In the coming months, we’ll be launching our new kids app, and we want as much feedback as possible from parents and kids alike - everything from app designs, card designs and features.

And so we’d love to invite parents and their kids down to our office to hear all about the new kids app and share your honest feedback with us. We’ll provide loads od food, drinks and entertainment on the night!

Please note: this event is only for parents and their children.


Thank you!!! This was a must! :slight_smile: Good job! :wink:


Joined this forum to follow the progress of the Kids app/product.

I’ve been waiting for one of the UK FinTechs (or even high street banks) to offer an easy to use, free kids card!

Looking forward to seeing it I’m action!

Do people think it’ll be a free product?


It would breach Sections 5 and 13 of the Equality Act 2010 to charge more to some customers than to others based on their age. Section 13(2) creates an exemption for age, which states that “A does not discriminate against B if A can show A’s treatment of B to be a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim”, but this would apply only to the insurance element of Revolut’s products. For example, a pensioner has a higher risk of claiming on medical travel insurance than a child.



In the UK you have a few “accounts” aimed at kids which charge a monthly fee (things like GoHenry), but I don’t believe any of the big players offer a current account to children under 16 (at least, not a proper current account with debit card etc).

Appreciate Revolut’s offering will be more in line with a pre paid card, but if they can tackle some of the issues kids face, I’ll definitely be signing up!


It was a different #RevRally last night at London’s HQ, where Revolut Youth was unveiled :boom:Parents and kids shared their generous feedback, helping us build a better financial future for the next generation :family_man_woman_girl_boy:Watch: :clapper:


Hi @AndreasK, are you going to summarise the findings from your meeting tonight? :smile:


You can watch the RevRally here: