Adding virtual card to Google Pay


I’m new user of revolut. My accout is activated but I cant add my virtual card to google pay to pay in shops etc.

My card is added but I have info that I cant pay in shops by NFC, only on phone/internet…

I’m leaving my country tommorow so I dont have enough time to order normal ‘plastic’ card :frowning:

Is this even possible? To pay witg Gpay/R virtual card is shops?


Is it a Visa card? Because in that case no, unfortunately you’re unable to add Visa,yet.


Some people said they were able to register their virtual card for Google Pay (including NFC payments) on this thread. I believe the official position is that Google Pay compatibility is still in beta and only available for some of the users.

:r: said they will roll it out to everyone “soon”…Maybe you will get it in time for your trip, maybe not…