Adding payment references to transfers

Can this be done?

A friend needed this to put in to show payment to their landlord was from them. But it was a real problem as they could not out their name and post code etc on it.

A reference field for bill payments is critical to driving non-personal payment volume. In Switzerland paying anything bill without one is difficult. Does anybody have any workarounds until this functionality is added by Revolut?

This has always been possible. Look closely at the transfer page, there’s an option to add text like a reference. I could provide a screenshot but I am on the latest beta, so it might look different for you.

I pay my internet bill with a bank transfer from revolut and putting the ocr in the reference.

Presumably the new QR code functionality removes the need to enter manually? Is this live in Switzerland or just in EU market?

Do you know if one can share its Iban-QR from revolut?

Revolut (live chat agent) confirmed that while the QR reader is live in the app and offered for payments in all countries, it doesn’t work and there is no official date for it working. A pity given QR codes are live now in many countries. The bill payment functionality is not market leading, yet, and probably not a priority for Revolut.

Question concerning the existence of a reference when making a transfer from your institution to another bank
I wanted to know if it was true that when sending a transfer from Revolut to another bank, that there is no reference of transfer as it is the case in a traditional bank.
Otherwise, a control concerning funds sent from Revolut (more than 20,000 euros), which passes through Great Britain and Litonia to arrive in Belgium can take how long ?
Thank’s in advance for your reply.
Yours sincerely