Adding new card with NFC does not work


I have tried multiple cards and I can not seem to be able to add any of them via NFC. The NFC on my phone is on and working for other tasks. The contactless on my cards is also working.

My phone is a HTC 10.


That’s strange, I have tried to add my card via NFC and it was working. However, some cards are not able to connect with the NFC.


Do you know which banks or cards work with NFC?


Hi @Matt,

I found this on the HTC site,

Please try touching your card on the shaded part as this is where the NFC chip is held.


Thanks @neil , I have now got this to work with my cards thanks to your tip.

I have also noticed while using this app that it takes a little while to read the card information. It would be great if there was some indications e.g a beeps or something on screen to show that the card has been detected/ is being read. Like when you use a contactless card on the tube or in a shop where you get the beep and LED notifications.


i couldnt read my HSBC card either.


@FernandoMiguel I’d recommend googling to find out where your NFC chip is in your phone, or adding your card via another method, such as photo or manual entry


I’ve also been unable to use NFC to add my first direct card to my HTC 8 - the phone / app pinged to say the NFC tag was detected but no data was added.

I used the camera option to load the card.


I have a nexus 6p.
the NFC is with everything else in the bulk at the head.
i use NFC to pay with android pay several times a day.


I tried that with my NBG Mastercard (issued by the National Bank of Greece). It worked just fine.