Adding more companies for the company logos in the transaction history



I have seen that the transaction are classified by type (Restaurant, Transport, Groceries…) and they all come with their own logo. But it looks like that some companies are also recognised and you let their logo show up instead.

I think it would be good if we could change those logos ourself, or if we could collect here which companies we would like to see in there too.

I assume that there is a legal problem involved in using other companies logos even for something like that, so manually adding might be the better option.
So if I do an transaction at “Plumbers Joe Smiths great Coffee Shop LTD.” I would like to be able to add their logo and from then on all transactions with them should show that logo.

If you think there is no problem to add also a larger list already from your side then supermarket chains such as Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Marcs & Spencer, Spar should be part of it for sure.

CU AssetBurned



Great idea! :smiley:

Revolut should let us send them suggestions about logos and transactions or why not even make a small program where community can submit and vote for the best logo, to be approved by :r: Team and then used in the app to all of us!




Totally agree, lot of big company here in France do not even have their logo in Revolut I know it’s not a priority for R that’s why it would be nice to let us add new logo and company for transaction to make it even better