Adding money 🤬

Adding money to Revolut has changed and I wonder if it’s on purpose.

Now you add money and when it’s added there is no stand out notification to say it’s added.

Twice now I add £100 and nothing really seems to happen so I add it again and low and behold I’ve added it twice.

Come on Revolut, make the onboarding process clearer.

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@Pagemakers What app version are you using?

I can’t confirm that. Message about successful top up appeared as usual. iOS notification as well. Nothing changed here with the latest update for me.


Just tried again and it’s the same. No acknowledgement screen. I’m not paying by Apple Pay. I’m topping up via saved bank card as I always have.

iOS versions 8.01

Here is a video:

@Pagemakers: Did you tried to reach support via app?

I’ve contacted via Twitter

Here’s what I see when I top up with a Visa card directly.

That’s what I used to see. Not anymore.

I’m with 2 mates at the moment and they have the same issue as me. Same phones, iOS version and app version.

iOS here as well. Seems like a bug, not international to me.

8.0.1 it’s said at me ??

Glad to say this has been fixed in 8.1

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