Adding FTC cryptocurrency

What about adding Feathercoin support for the payments?
The core technology is the same as Bitcoin and Litecoin but at a faster transaction speed and a lower cost. The Feathercoin foundation has been announced today so would have clear person to talk with about integration

Hey Ludo

Some information on how Revolut decides to add a new crypto currency can be found in the Help Centre‘hard-fork’-and-how-may-we-handle-it

We know that they have partnered with Bitstamp for crypto so it is safe to assume that Feathercoin needs to be traded on Bitstamp in order to be easily integrated.

Also please read the articles here about crypto on Revolut. It gives information on how it works and what limitations there is (Revolut is not a Wallet for crypto).

Hi Henrik,

Thank you for your reply. Very interesting to know that Bistamp is behind Revolut crypto exchanges.