Adding EUR Account To PayPal


How do I add my Revolut EUR account or card to PayPal (UK), so that when I make EUR purchases on eBay etc it charges me in Euros and takes it out of my Revolut Euro account?

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Search the forum for that, its a common question. You basically need to change the settings so that Paypal does not automatically convert to the card default currency sterling.

I had the same issue, Paypal was recognizing my EUR Revolut card as GPB, I emailed the support they told me to reply with the 4 digit ending on the card and what currency to set. It is now all OK.

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I meant I emailed the support of Paypal to correct the added :r: card!

Ohh, yes, that does change it a bit :). That would be the aforementioned setting, unless they still convert currencies other than euro at this point.

Go to paypal and change the settings where the card issuer make the fx and not the paypal. settings- payments- manage pre approved payments- set available funding sources- conversion option to your revolut card- bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice- submit- save

Thanks for the replies.

How do I add the actually account using the IBAN, when I try to add a bank account it just asks for a sort code and account number?

That might be a Paypal limitiation and they only allow you to add UK accounts with UK account data. Paypal is quite inflexible in this regard.