Adding card for first time problems


I’ve just signed up and I am having problems adding my card. My details and address are correct however it keeps saying “Your top-up was declined. please ensure that the billing address you used when adding your top up card matched the address on your bank account”

Also, I have contacted my bank (halifax) and they have said that they can see that the transaction is getting blocked at Revolut’s end, not theirs.

What can I do?


You’re talking about adding a Halifax card for top-ups, I assume?

Revolut uses AVS ( The billing addresss of your Halifax card needs to be identical to the address you put in when adding the card for top-ups. Even slight mismatches might prevent adding the card.

I would ask my bank to confirm my card’s billing address (Halifax in your case) and would send this document to the Revolut support if it still does not work after double checking the details.