adding bank account


I’ve got issue with adding bank accounts for payments.When all bank details had been completed I went to approval process by 5 digit code received via sms. The code copy itself to right place, but there is no option to approve it.
I waited 50 seconds as provided code expire to see what happens next. A new window pop out with 3 approval options, I selected “sms code again” and as 5 digit code come in again the bank account had been added.

It happens all the time when i want to add new bank account
Please let me know if you require more details


Hey @gozzer :slight_smile:

As far as I know, all of the codes are 6 digit long :frowning_face:


Hi, This was happening to me, I waz trying to add a UK bank account to send money too, I just deleted the code then input it manually and that worked for me.