Adding a second account from a different country


I have a bank account in UK (that I used for Revolut) and another one in EU (without credit card though). Does someone know how to add it to revolut? Or if it’s even possible?


What for?
Do you want to do wire transfer from Revolut to your bank account?
If yes, the path looks like:
Payments> To bank account> add a new beneficiary

Yes, but I would like to do it from my EU one (not added) and my UK one/Revolut one.

Sorry, but I don’t understand where the problem lays.
Do you want to transfer money from EU account to Revolut, and from Revolut to UK?

Yes top up money from EU account to Revolut.
But I don’t know how to add my EU account to Revolut.

It doesn’t work like this.
To top up by wire transfer you have to do everything on your bank’s side.
In Revolut app you only have details of account on which you want to send money.
Please double check if you’re watching proper currency account.

Just make a regular bank transfer to your Revolut EUR local account details.

Ok, thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I am confused, has Britain already left the EU? Must have been an overnight thing, Downing street gets sneakier and sneakier :wink:

But yes, you dont add anyhing, you simply wire it. Just make sure you get the bank details right. GBP goes to the local sterling account, EUR to the local euro account.