Adding a new beneficiary


After completing the details like Name, account number, sort code, if I go to add an email address, it messes up with the information I already put in the account number field.

To be easier to understand, I recorded my screen while this happening. (Phone model: LG G4, running unofficial android 7.0)

Screen Record

Edit: I tried now setting the beneficiary from another country(other than UK) that requires a SWIFT code and the IBAN and it seems like when the “edit text” field from email is used, the Strings from SWIFT and IBAN Text fields are changed one with the other. (If required, I will try to take a screen record from that one as well)


If you have dash sign in address it can be problem. If yes- try use “minus” sign instead


What address are you referring to? E-mail address or…?
However, I don’t have a dash sign in the details provided.


I mean postal address- e.g. postal code


Thanks for the reply. In my details there is no dash sign used and the bug I discovered appears when you go to “Payments” -> “Select payment method - Out - To bank account” -> “Select beneficiary - Add a new beneficiary” and in my video it shows the Transfer type as “to myself” but I tried it with “To another person” and it does the same.

However, the beneficiary setup works just fine if I do not fill in the email address “edit text” field.
Hopefully this helps the development team :smiley:

Edit: It just feels like the when the email “edit text” field is used, it messes up with the “edit text” fields from account number and sort code.