Added new card, cannot verify it

Hi. This refers to ‘top ups’:
I just deleted my old debit card details, then entered my new debit card details. Then up comes ‘verify by visa’ which wont work (since I have no useable phone number) as I’m abroad travelling in Colombia.
What this means is I cannot ‘top up’ my account with my new debit card (since I have no phone number to recieve verified by visa ‘code’)

How do I remedy this as I prefer the instant top ups (rather than slow bank transfers)

It depends on th ecurrency which are you going to send. In case of GPB transfers are really fast (it can be similar in case od EUR)

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OK thanks.
It’s only with my new debit card I’m being asked to verify by visa every time which is annoying but also difficult as I don’t have a phone number I can use whilst traveling.
Topping up by bank transfer is also a pain as I would have to use Internet banking every time to make a payment which takes time and is a pain.

Or is there an easier way?

You can top up as much money as you want (or as much as you are going to spend). So you can do it once and then just pay as often as needed.

I don’t like to have a large sum laying about in my Revolut account.
Sadly I will have to use bank transfer, or even consider Google pay.
Instant easy top ups with debit card are no longer possible with verified by visa demanding a telephone number (This is a problem for travellers that Revolut should consider)
As a traveller I use WiFi, and in this case had to contact my bank to temporarily suspend the verification process (so I could top up using the debit card) Obviously this was a one off, since it was time consuming to do this.