Add wallet and bank transfers in HRK


I would totally become a premium user if Revolut were to add Croatian kuna (HRK) to the wallet and enable bank transfers in HRK.

I think this remains the only EEA currency not available for bank transfers or keeping in the wallet. @AndreasK @edward @revolut


There are a lot of EU currencies not available for holding and topping up for now. Hopefully HRK is going to be one of them soon!

Thumbs up for MKD, It would be really useful for me but I know that is hard for now.


I think all EEA (EU+5 other countries) curencies are already on, except HRK :slight_smile:


No CZK, HUF and BGN either.

But if currencies like- all due respect, of course- ZAR and ILS are possible to be added, why not add ALL the European currencies, so MKD, RSD and ALL.

On the other hand, to be honest, I don’t know how difficult and expensive it is for Revolut to maintain these accounts.
I’d use them just to avoid the dreaded (and pretty unfair!) 1% weekend markup when I travel across Europe- but I guess what they mainly look at is the top-up potential. But… ZAR? Well, who knows.


Main hurdle should not be cost, but compliance with the financial regulation in each individual country/EU member state.


You’re right, I was totally unaware that CZK, HUF and BGN are not in the wallet. On the other hand, all of these figure among the supported currencies for bank transfer - except HRK.


I thought about that as well, but then again, would you say that countries such as UAE, Mexico, Quatar, Saudi Arabia or Thailand really have an adeqate financial rules?

Yet currencies of all these countries are supported for bank transfers. HRK is not, although Croatia is part of the EU.


I may be wrong and may have no idea about it, but I don’t think regulations matter all that much when you create a currency account in the UK. It’s just an account.

It may be more of a development / database infrastructure and rate provider integration / banking challenge than anything else.

As a software developer I have to say that what Revolut put together is quite impressive already. If it’s bumped up to ~50 currencies or so, or even more, it’s really going to be a state of the art platform.


Hi @expatier,

We will be adding more base currencies by the time, not only for premium users but for standard accounts too. :slight_smile: