Add Virtual Mastercard to Priceless Specials Germany

Is it possible to add a virtual Revolut Mastercard to the Priceless Specials Germany website (in order to earn Coins)? In order to test this I need to remove another card and that card can not be re-added for six months. So not really able to test this myself.

Unlikely! Check their FAQs:

F: Ich kann meine Karte nicht registrieren!
A: Bitte beachten Sie, dass in Deutschland erhältliche Mastercard Kreditkarten, sowie Debit Mastercard (DMC) Karten bei Priceless Specials teilnahmeberechtigt sind. Maestro, Prepaid und Geschäftskarten bzw. Firmenkarten sind ausdrücklich von einer Registrierung ausgeschlossen.

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This doesn’t work with Czech priceless special. So it’s probably same in Germany.

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Thx for your reply. I was aware of this anwer in the FAQ. But since I have been able to add my Dutch Creditcard and my Curve card I hoped that also the prepaid part of the FAQ-answer was not so strict.

Turned out that at the bottom of this page there is an option to test if it is possible to add your card without actually adding it.

I can confirm that it is not possible to add a Revolut card to the German site :frowning_face:. It is time Revolut issues debit cards instead of prepaid cards!


Same here - Revolut MC cannot be added to Priceless Specials. As posted before, I assume it is due to the prepaid labelling of the card.