Add user-defined descriptions to cards and accounts


It will be good to have possibility to define custom in-app descriptions for top-up cards or destination bank accounts. It can be distinguished by their numbers of course. But if I can add my label to them - it will be more convenient.

Create nickname/label for lodgement card
Top-up by card - let us put names
Top-up by card - let us put names

Yes I think it’s coming, I’ve seen that in the Auto Top-Up post (name of banks and type of card). :slight_smile:


Hi @julien, I think what @user318 means is to add custom labels rather than just show the name of the card. Such as my Barclays debit card can be labeled as “UK card”? Is this correct?


True @neil! Even tough displaying by default the name of the card ('Barclays debit card") and then let us label if we want with anything else as “UK card” for instance would be better! :wink:
(custom label is especially useful when we have doublons of the same card or just multiple cards)

Top-up by card - let us put names

Yes, @neil. I mean custom labels. Somebody easily can have 2 cards from one bank - in different currencies for example or may be in different branches. The same with bank accounts too.


This would be definitely useful! I have a lot of top-up cards from different accounts and can’t remember the last 4 digits of al of them… :confused:


I’ve two physical revolut cards, but i can’t choose what amount of money i’ve on the first or on the second, is it possible to separate the amount on each card ? Thx


Hey there,

I’m afraid not. Both cards are linked to the same balances of your unique account.



Hey there,

I’m afraid not. Both cards are linked to the same balances of your unique account.



I just suggested to implement this function un the internal app management of the account. It would be fantastic.


Hi, is the option to add a nickname/label to top-up card available yet?


Adding my voice to this feature. It is poor UX to expect users to be able to differentiate beneficiaries by the account number and name only – especially when sending to one’s own bank accounts. Revolut is the perfect central hub for money dispersal but not when the account numbers must be double-checked before sending every time. Just allow us to create a nickname for every beneficiary.


It is you can limit the card how much each card can spend in the card section of youre app


+1 for this one. I have got 5 top-up cards configured and it is challenging to remember all of them by last 4 digits.


Hi I had the exact same suggestion for addin new bank accounts, before I stumbled onto this thread. +1