Add top-up method: iDEAL


In the Netherlands, the de-facto standard for online payments and top-ups is iDEAL. Top-ups are real-time. This would probably help grow the customer base in the Netherlands.


It definitely would! I am promoting Revolut with all my friends and collegues but they keep asking me why they have to wait a few days for the top-ups to appear when they wire funds to an IBAN-account. Using iDEAL would be … iDEAL!


Actually, the issue is the same in the UK, when I transfer money between two UK bank accounts it’s instantaneous. Transfer to Revolut account can take hours which is frustrating.
(However it’s improving and faster than it used to be 6 months ago)


Just top up using your card and the money will show instantaneously! However, I agree Revolut should consider moving to Faster Payments for bank account transfers. BACS is no good for their service offering… Depends on the costs, though, as nearly everything we get from Revolut is for free so we can’t complain too much, can we ?


In the Netherlands iDAEL payments are usually free. I’m not sure about what costs it would incur for Revolut but since it’s the only method that is usually free here it might not be much. Card top-up costs money.


iDeal payments are free for the customer, but merchants have to pay a fee for each payment. The fees are much lower tough compared to creditcard payment fees which also include a percentage of the amount spent.


Jona you’re absolutely right that merchants need to pay a fee when accepting iDEAL. Not only a fee every transaction, but also a monthly fee. Since Revolut is free in as many ways as possible this would probably be a reason why they didn’t choose a topup like iDEAL… but… as a customer I am willing to pay for that fee if it allows instant topups to my creditcard.

iDEAL doesn’t only work in The Netherlands however. It’s also used in Germany and Belgium and more and more international company’s are accepting iDEAL as means to topup. Think of Blizzard, Online Casino’s, Ebay etc. etc.

I’m a proud owner of a Revolut card, but haven’t topped up yet due to the fact I need to wait for 5 days or own a regular creditcard. The main reason for me taking a Revolut card was that if I want to buy something online or abroad that I could top it up and use my Revolut card. However the 5 days waiting time is making the card obsolete for my use. Providing a means of instant top-up (where I am willing to pay a fee for) would negate this.

So yes! Please use iDEAL as a means to top up. As the TS stated it would really enhance your customerbase in the lower lands and as most webshops in The Netherlands already do: add a fee (1e or something) for every transaction.

More information about iDEAL @


Yes we like Ideal transfer very much, Neteller has it only not free…1% fee. What Neteller does than can do Revolut better, much better.


However this is an old topic, I think its better to reply here then to start a new one.

But why will :r: not start supporting Trustly/Sofort for top up? Both are accepted in most European countries by the banks, and could make it possible to top up direct from your bank instead of Creditcard/Debitcard.

It would be great to see at :r:.