Add Top Up Card Without Transaction


How about the ability to add card details to your card list without having to top up?

I am in the process of changing bank accounts and was trying to add mt new debit card so i didn’t have to do it later on but seems that i need to actually top up when adding the card.

Can we add cards without topping up?


Yeah you can as I had to do that with mine. If you go to top up, click on the circle with the 3 dots on the top right of the current card and delete the card. Then add your new card and it’ll go through the 3D verification (it did with mine anyway). Then when that’s all done just click the back arrow in the top left and it’ll take you back out again

Go back into the top up option and you’ll see the new card details saved


Thanks for the the reply @Macca

I’ll give that a try.

But thinking on, what if you wanted to have more than one card for topping up and you wanted to add them without actually topping up at the time?

It would be good to be able to do that.


Hi @lavvyheid,

Of course you can add your card without topping up your account. Just swipe, add a new card and that’s it!


Thanks for the reply @AndreasK

When I try that it says it’s topping up and advises I may be asked for 3d info from my bank then it fails.

Its like its trying to top up when I add the card details.


Even if you only add the card, there’s 3D secure, and 1£ pre - verification, which it will return back to your account. You need to have sufficient balance in your account.

I can take a closer look into your account if you send me a direct message your phone number.


Thanks @AndreasK

Its just a new card for my new account and there is no balance in the account yet.

I will try again when I have funds in the account.

Thanks for your help!