Add :r: Revolut on PayPal

Hi, I’m having trouble adding Revolut to my PayPal account… Has anyone had the same problem? How did you solve it?

Did you try to add an account, or your card?

Bc I’d recommend adding your Revolut-Card to Paypal, not one of the accounts… (Revolut has better conversion-rates than PP; adding the card, you can profit of 'em; with the account, PP’s gonna convert currencys)

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I try add my account… IBAN. :man_shrugging:

I am waiting for the Revolut card to be sent, and in the meantime, I wanted to transfer the funds I have on PayPal to my :r: Revolut account.

I regularly transfer money from my paypal to Revolut account - just done as a bank transfer to the Revolut account by entering the IBAN.

The vagueness of the error message you got makes me wonder if it’s a temporary problem with PayPal, or that something isn’t quite finished the setup process with Revolut maybe?

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It is a block of PayPal… According to them, since I live in Italy, I cannot add non-Italian iban… which is not true, because in the PayPal Conditions, it is written that I can add in the SEPA area. :man_shrugging:

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I just tried, and it gives me no error messages. Also, it lists the United Kingdom when you press “these countries” in the picture you sent.

Try from a computer and see if it makes a difference. Try from incognito or clear your cache.

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I tried all the ways and it doesn’t add to me. I just have to get in touch with PayPal support again.
But I don’t think it will work out.

I’m not aware if the IBAN is pooled or unique? PayPal only allows an IBAN to be connected with up to a maximum of 3 PayPal users. This might be why.

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Hi, I didn’t add the iban 3 times, but 2 times and both times, the credits for checking the account were incorrect.

Some IBANS revolut offers are “pooled accounts” and you need a reference-number to transfer money to it (eg. for swiss francs, there’s just a pooled account, no individual IBAN)…

Q - which currency-account did you want to enter?


I’m trying to add my € account.

Ok, thats an individual IBAN (not pooled)…

Sadly I have no idea why it shouldn’t work (except another EU-reaction for the brexit, that UK-IBANs for Euro-accoutns are no longer “eligable” to be used outside the UK, but I can’t see Paypal going for such a thing)

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According to Paypal support, I can’t add foreign ibans. The conditions of service, however, say something else. From what I have read, it is possible to add both iban in the SEPA area and in Shenzhen. I think PayPal support is incompetent. I have friends who added Revolut to PayPal. :sweat_smile::joy:

That OR PayPal confusing the SEPA-area with EU. Wouldn’t be the first time, eventough both SEPA and SWIFT are european, not “union”… (Switzerland is within SEPA-area, and NOT member)…

BUT - I had to re-enter a PP-support-question several times, too; my advice - try again, maybe you’ll get a “better trained” supporter next time… (though - the question is WHEN your friends added R to PP; before or after Brexit, and then - paragraph one applys :wink:

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