'Add reference' text too close to 'Send' button

In the iPhone app, it’s too easy to click ‘send’ accidentally when attempting to enter a reference.

This is especially problematic with payment that require a reference, lest they be lost.

For example:

Unfortunately the issue of insufficient spacing is a device-related issue, rather than a :r:-related issue.

On a Plus-sized phone this issue isn’t there.

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It should be fixable by applying minimum padding/spacing rules in the event of smaller screens and/or adding a scrollbar so that ‘Send’ doesn’t have to be visible at all times.

4.7" screens are too prevalent to leave this to the default implementation.

FWIW, this is how Monzo do it:

Notice that the ‘confirm payment’ button is fixed to the bottom of the screen, and other fields can clearly be entered above.

The ‘reference’ line looks like an actual field of text, rather than a label, too.

The benefit to this approach is that if/when other payment options are added, there’s room to adapt rather than trying to cram everything above the system keyboard.