Add Per Category Budget limits (On a Month or Week Basis)


With Revolut having a per month limit that can be attached to the card, and auto tagging of transactions, would it be possible to implement a transaction type budget limit?

Ie: I only allow £20 a week to be spent at coffee places (starbucks, costa etc), so once this limit is being approached I get updates on my phone to notify me and if i try to spend over this limit the transaction is refused?

Also I think the flexibility to set limits on a per week basis would be extremely helpful too


Hi @MarkMcAllister,

That’s a really nice idea.

At the moment, you can set up a monthly limit, and you can manage you finance with Revolut Spending Analytics. But definitely this is a nice idea.

Thank you.


I would make it a two steps thin. The user should decide if payments get declined or if there is just a pop up. Personally I would prefer the last.


Good idea. I think it should be a notification rather than a hard limit.
It would help immensely with budgeting


I would also love to see this functionality in the app and I agree that perhaps a pop up notification is better than a hard limit personally.