Add monthly FX and ATM limits into 'Limit' section in menu


I think it would be useful to add monthly account limits into the ‘Limit’ section in the menu. I ran over my ATM withdrawal limits twice and it is always a pain to go into More/Profile/Price Plan. Also a push notification or similar would be good when you used up your allowances for the month. Also… show the date somewhere when the limits will renew just for better transparency.


Which limit section are you referring to? Under cards, where one sets an individual card limit? I would find that an odd place.

Maybe the statistic section? That’s where I would expect such an information. But that could be a challenge to get the UX right. Statistics are categorized by currency first, and cash withdrawals are superodinate.


I think you are right. Limits page is not the best place. But ‘Price Plan’ page is perfect UI-wise, it would just need a shortcut somewhere, easily accessible with a single tap after opening the app.