Add money automatically not working

I always send money to my revolut from barclays.

If I click on add automatically if below 50 and add 50 from barclays it errors out.

Anyone else encountered this bug?

Hi @CJD :wave:

We are sorry to hear that you are facing troubles with topping-up. Have you tried restarting your app and check if the issue persists? :thinking:

Hope this helps!

What jurisdiction are you in as that might be significant?
For example, I know that Barclays are closing UK accounts for people not resident in the UK (I’m in France) and where the account remains open, may be limiting facilities.
Have you used the facility before successfully? Perhaps edit that info into your OP.

Revolut responded - said they are manually rectifying the issue.
Seems to be a bug

I have the same problem, i cant transfer money to my childs account? It is enough money on my account, so i cant understand whats wrong?

Have you reached out to support in the app as the OP did? That seemed to generate a positive response.

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Apparently revolut can’t do anything unless I have proof from my bank that my card is a debit and not credit!
Not impressed.

why so? responsible lending and all that :thinking:

Surely they should know what kind of cards Barclays have even just by a bin lookup? Not exactly a small unknown financial entity.
Also when I added the card it states debit on the app so really no idea why they are saying its going through as a credit card in their system.

Seems to be a bug in their system which they should fix

do you have anything documentary that you can provide to support your claim its a debit not credit card?
That really is the only way forward that I can see…

I’ve looked all around my barclays account and can’t fnd anything that states my card is a debit - just my statements etc.
How about a photo of the back of the card that said DEBIT?

Worth a try.
On my old UK Barclays card, it says “Debit” on the front face of the card but nothing about the type of account on the back.
If you are going to give that a try, make sure that important elements of the card are obscured to prevent any opportunity for cloning - perhaps just show the first 4 and last 4 digits the validity period and the name to confirm it is indeed your card and see if that does the trick.

So automatic top up will never work if you are a barclays customer.

Barclays will not and do not provide such a document about your debit card as I have asked.

Revolut hace a buggy system that reads my debit as a credit card.
They will not manually rectify this unless I provide this document from barclays that does not exist as explained by barclays.

So… If any barclays customers here have got it working please let me know.