Add Mexican Peso (MXN)

Off to Mexico in a few months - can you add them to the list of currencies?

Hi there!

You can’t yet exchange or receive MXN within the app, but you can load card in GBP & spend there with the interbank exchange rate :ok_hand:t2:

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except on weekends :wink:


I’m also interested in paying in MXN

the card will work fine in Mexico, spending or withdrawing MXN. what you can’t do is to keep an MXN balance. It will always be converted back and forth from your base currency (EUR I’m guessing)

So I’m I right I’m saying that you’re unable to buy Peso with the Revolut card if there’s a good conversation rate and if you’re buy by card the in say a restaurant over there the rate will be different day to day that will be taken off your GBP balance?

Is using these cards better than taking travelers Cheques in cost benefits? Or is there a similar charge for changing the currencies?

good to hear thats possible. i am going eidn of the year to mexico :slight_smile:


Not day to day, second to second.

Most likely, even with the 1% added fee on the weekend I reckon it’s probably better than most rates you’d get elsewhere (unless you can get a card with Starling, N26 et al)