Add INR as currency to send money


It would be good to have INR as currency to send a bank transfer. As per World bank remittances in INR are highest in the world

‘India retained its top spot in 2015, attracting about $69 billion in remittances, down from $70 billion in 2014. Other large recipients in 2015 were China, with $64 billion, the Philippines ($28 billion), Mexico ($25 billion), and Nigeria ($21 billion).’

Link to the World bank article is here


Hi @pathikpandya,

Thank you for your suggestion. Please check the following topic:


Hi Andreas, thanks for your response. I did see that poll, however INR is not listed as option.


Hi @pathikpandya, add it as a comment please.


For Bank transfers, are you increasing your CCY’s for transfer to other countries like India in INR or any large remittance countries? Considering that India is one of the largest remittance market in 2015/2016, it’s worth considering for including such CCY’s with large remittances in the world for bank transfers. I don’t see that adding such currencies is thought about in your response above. Please let us know if at all this is being considered!!


Hi all,

Any update on this, i would like to transfer money to a friend who living in India to his account in INR but impossible to add INR as currency.