Add HUF to the top up currencies


I know, we are a small country but we are committed to future payments :slight_smile:


Yes, That’s a great idea.


Yep, second to that!


+1, that would be awesome, a lot of users would appreciate it.


Revolut seems to be ignoring the possibility of the daily use of its services by some thirty million people also living in the EEA. That is, those who pay BGN, CZK, HRK, HUF and ISK ;-). But on the other hand, one card does not take much space in the drawer. And maybe someone just fell asleep at the geography lesson. :smiley:


+1 to adding HUF. It would be massive…


They just added 11 new currencies but unfortunately HUF is not among them :frowning: hopefully in the next round we will be there too :slight_smile:


Yeah, CZK is not there too. :frowning:


Hi there! Only a fraction of the “11 new currencies” are available for top-up via card. The most of them are available only through top-up via tranditional, international bank transfer with the related charges from your bank.


Great idea! Would love to see HUF top-up via card. That would not only beat local FX rates but also the related commissions imposed upon them.


It takes time for the requisite regulatory approvals to be granted, for operating in every single jurisdiction.


but you can already top-up with those currencies using your credit/debit card instantly.


As said, some are for exchange only, some are also for top-ups. Getting back to the original subject, let’s hope there will be HUF top-up ASAP. :sunny:


having a Hungarian (or any local) bank account for top-up would be also a huge step forward, FYI TransferWise already has that!


Please add the Hungarian currency tĂł the TOP UP currency.


Please add HUF card top up


Hi, please add HUF to Top Up currencies asap


It would be cool and it would also boost the number of people using Revolut in Hungary.


It would be great we could manage the top ups in HUF! :slight_smile: