Add HTTPS on

yep, it is now

< HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
< Content-length: 0
< Location:

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You guys still need to rewrite the http URLs to https.

On this page right here, the following image is triggering an error:

I would just rewrite all that stuff to https automatically. Most of them should work anyway, and those that don’t probably weren’t that important anyway. That particular example above works with https for example.

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I just cannot believe this was ever without HTTPS. Seriously, this does not give any confidence to keep much funds into this system.

Let´s Encrypt needs not much complexity, and it is free. And I am sure you do more complex stuff than a community website but… considering how easy is to scam people, attempt fishing attacks, etc. This should not happen.

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tip: get this installed

I have the same issue with

I have this issue with the homepage when clicking on links to Not sure if that is the same as