Add funds without request it.

At first of December, I tried to ad balance to Revolut card of one of my bank account card. This card have no amount money, and obviously the charge was refused.

Today I recharge by bank card and automatically Revolut Request these old balance that I tried to apply to Revolut at the begining of the month.

Is this a normal behavior? Is there any way to avoid this happen?

Do you have a form of auto top up set up on your revolut account? Some countries allow you to do so if the balance is below a set amount.

Check your settings.

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I checked it and it is disabled, but the behavior is different. Is like the pending operation activated itself when have balance on card (is like the operation maintain as pending and apply when you have balance on card). It is not desirable, and I don’t know how to disable it.

You will need to speak to your funding card to see what exactly went wrong.

My bank answer to me.
If no balance on card, they don’t activate the operation in a future, but they don’t know if merchant try to pass charge when balance is enough on card in the future.

It is obvious to think that the charge is generated by Revolut, but I don’t know how to find and disable this option.

Hi everyone :wave: ,

Sorry to hear that there were some troubles with your top-up.:frowning_face:

If a card deposit is pending, it means that something didn’t go as expected when it was authorized, so we’re waiting for your bank to respond to the card deposit request. A pending card deposit will eventually get marked as either completed or failed. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 mins for a pending transaction to leave this state. But you can always find more information here

Hope this helps.:blush:

SG | Community Team

Hi, @SG.Mandal, The operation was executed after more than 20 days had passed. This is what surprised me. Revolut in their app should have some kind of warning after the initial error, and if they see that there are already funds, send the user a confirmation that they really want to perform it. I think that would be the most logical thing to do.

Anyway, no misfortune happened :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying.

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Hello @valtf :wave: , may I know if your issue has been resolved? :thinking: If not, kindly contact us via in-app chat so that we can look into your issue individually. :blush:

SG | Community Team