Add existing card to new phone


I have an existing account but i dont seem to be able to access it from my new phone (with a new number) every time i try to link my existing card i get the message “this card can not be linked” Support is always offline when i try to access it and i need my card to work before Thursday as i go away then


It seems like you opened a new 2nd account with your new phone + number? You need to contact support so that they can change the number for you so you can get access again to your 1st account.

(For future reference: The FAQs explain how to change phone numbers associated with accounts.)


@aimee I have written you a private message to sort this out!


Hey there!

I was trying to login to the app on my new phone but apparently what I did was create a new one! -.-’ Help please!
How do I go about logging in to an existing account? The app immediately asks me to insert my phone number and I assumed this would somehow lead to logging in.

Thanks in advance!!



Hi the same has happened to me! I’ve got a new number and phone so downloaded the app thinking I could just add my existing card, but can’t seem to do it! Please help!


Hi all, the procedure is explained in the FAQs. Since the account is associated with the phone number, there are two methods to change that. With and without access to the old number. Check out “how to change phone number” or the identical method when a phone was stolen and one lost access to that number.


If you can all contact us on the support chat, we can update the account phone number for you or provide you with the SMS code to get in. Thank you for the info you’ve provided @Frank!


Hi Frank,

I cannot find this link and all the other discussions show Revolut team
helping to change people’s accounts and numbers.

Please can you either provide a link on how I can change myself or help me
do it?

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kindest regards,



Are you serious ? Are you reading this forums posts ?


You have to log in with your old phone number on a new phone. If you can receive text messages under the old number on a second phone, you can log in and then change the number in the profile. If you don’t have access to the text message with the code, the app lets you contact the support from the log-in screen. They then can provide you the code or change the number for you. (You can find his by searching the FAQs, “stolen” or “phone number” or something like thins brings it up.)


Yes, and we can update the account phone number for you or provide the SMS code. Right now we are extremely busy on support and trying to get back to everyone as soon as possible. We understand the delays are are doing all we can to keep wait time at a minimum.


Hi I’ve recently got a new phone so downloaded the app, verified my account I think successfully with my new number but now it wont allow me to add my existing card and support said it will be 48 hours. Can anyone help in the meantime, can i resolve this myself. Please!