Add debit Card for Top Up not allowed

I’m trying to top up my card by using my bank debit card.
However, my card does not have a CVV. I tried to insert CVV as 000 or 999 but still it does not work.
The top up via bank transfer works just fine but since the card top up is made automatically (without the one day delay) I prefer that option.
Adding the card via camera does not work only manual insertion.
Can anyone help or let me know if there’s any problem using the debit card top up from Portuguese banks?


Your debit card needs to be enabled for online shopping. This means, in most cases, cards without CVV can’t be used.

ok, thanks.
Normally debit cards here don’t have a CVV

Hi Mac.

Unfortunately, you cannot use a card without a CVV.

You will need a card with a CVV code in order to top up.

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Paypal, Amazon and other online merchant accept cards without the cvv. Isn’t Revolut able to do the same? I know transactions without cvv are more expensive to process, but maybe Revolut could charge a fee for the top up as they do for business cards…

Here in Portugal, at least two banks that I know of issue debit cards without cvv, Millennium BCP and Deutsche Bank.

According to Millennium BCP the card is fully enabled for online transactions and no one should require the CVV…

I’ll leave just a tip for Portuguese users with a Millennium account, use MBWAY to create a virtual card as the virtual cards have the cvv, despite the physical ones not having it.

As for Deutsche Bank, they’re one of the few Portuguese banks that don’t participate in MBWAY, so there’s no solution…

I have no solution for that but people asking for Revolut to accept cards without CVV now while others are desperately asking for Revolut to finally support Mastercard Secure code / Verified by VISA is somehow funny to me :wink:

Why on earth would anyone use a card online without a CVV in 2018? Please give it back to your bank and just choose a more modern bank … I know, not helpful, but someone has to tell you the bad news that it’s 2018 … no offence! Just kidding :wink:

But for real, please, no, I wasn’t even aware that anyone is issuing cards without a CVV, this is really, REALLY bad…

Totally agree with you, however sometimes you have a loan with that bank or something and can’t really change banks right now. Adding to that Millennium is the second largest bank in Portugal and a lot of companies bank with Millennium.

That means if you work for one of those companies and have an account with Millennium you receive your salary instantly as soon as the company processes it. If you use other bank you have to wait two or three days to get paid…

Fortunately for Millennium you can create the virtual cards that have the cvv.

What you would consider the most baffling is that those physical cards without cvv have mastercard secure code/verified by Visa, that’s why the bank claims they’re fully online compatible