Add CHF as a currency


That would be fabulous!


That’s a +1 from me.
I know it’s not essential as I can happily use the card and app without this but it would be handy just the same.


+1 for me too,
that would be amazing


Yes! Definitely, I came here to suggest this.


Yes definitely - would make mainland travel in western Europe that much more seamless


Am waiting for this, would be a big help here in CH!


Would be very useful. I just left Switzerland and want to keep my cash in CHF but close my Swiss bank account.

This could be used by many expats leaving CH as the banks charge a fee for clients domiciled abroad.


This would be useful for a lot of people working in Switzerland but living in France, Germany, Italy or Austria. More than 300000 people are in this situation ( ) where they have a salary in CHF but most of the expenses in EUR. Having Revolut to be able to trade CHF to EUR cheaply would be a boon for them - and very good business for Revolut.


+1 for me too,
that would be amazing


+1 for me

I currently have to convert my CHF to EUR through an FX broker, transfer out these EUR to a friend who has access to a EUR account, who then tops up his Revolut account in EUR and transfers them to me in-app.

Super impractical, and costly in both time and money.

Would be super thrilled to have CHF topups!


The same, would be awesome!!


Add another voice to someone who wants CHF.


CHF would be very useful!! For those of us living in CH, we are surrounded by EUR countries so Revolut is perfect whenever we go across the border :slight_smile:


Another vote for CHF as a top up currency from me too.


+1 from me too, it’s the big one missing for me after euros and GBP


adding CHF would be great for those who are french and study or go occasionnaly to switzerland. I live 20 km from switzerland so i go often and a card in CHF would be so useful !

Thanks a lot for the service. Revolut is the best for travellers


I vote for it! My business interacts with the rest of Europe, so a multi-curency card, that includes CHF, would be great.


+1 for CHF !

Having to convert CHF to EUR before sending to Revolut is very costly (ca. 2.5%).

I also hope that you will implement it the right way. I mean we will need an account in Switzerland to top up CHF because a swift transfer of CHF to an account in UK will also be costly for us (around CHF 15.-).


CHF & CZK just should be in the app. +1 vote.


800,000 Swiss live abroad - and another 8.5 million in Switzerland… please, please add CHF as a top-up currency. Would be a very welcome feature!