Add Canadian account as beneficiary

I can’t manage to add my canadian account as new beneficiary since it won’t take my transit number, saying that is wrong or incomplete but I have tried many solutions, none of them fit.
Anyone with the same issue ?

Is the address an IBAN< or something else (e.g. Like ACH/ABA for the US)?


Hey, @tynagmo :slight_smile:

Routing number is expected to be 9 digit long… :thinking:
Might it be a 9 digit number which follows this structure? :wink:

0 + Branch # + Transit #


0 for electronic transaction, branch number (000 if not given) and the transit number will probably be accepted. Consider doing a test transfer first :smile:


EDIT: most probably yes. See this reference image:



ouah Great !
I managed to add the account!
Not very intuitive to reverse some numbers and add a 0 ^^
Thank you so much for you complete and quick answer ! :grinning: