Add BGN to the list of currencies


Yeah I hope they announce BGN accounts then, or at least a timetable when its going to arrive. Its the one thing holding me back to using it as my daily driver.

And after that it would be awesome to get apple pay support as well :slight_smile:


I hope too will have BGN soon.

Not to disappoint you @ivank, but even when there will be Apple Pay, it will not work on most of the places here, where BORICA operates. I have n26 Apple pay card and Apple Pay is denied on most of the places probably the software on the POS requite update or BORICA declines Apple Pay generated BINs. It worked for me only in BILA where Raiffeisen has external processor not using BORICA.


If someone here is going to RevRally Sofia, please update on 25th what is the case with BGN!:roll_eyes:


Yes please from me too!!


This would be very useful


It would be nice to add BGN in the currency list for top up.
At the moment the user experience is not the best. When I top up the app suggest to switch currencies to avoid additional taxes but I can’t choose BGN.


+1 for BGN.
Someone told me BGN was planned, but I am not finding any such information here. Have they misunderstood?

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+1 for BGN. It will be great!

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They keep saying at least from 6 months it is planned and it is working on it, but no news at all if this is true…


@Vebaev why torture yourself? We know that the same is true of Apple Pay also :turtle:


I know, so it is double torture :turtle::turtle:


@AndreasK, could you please provide an update on the topic for us?

When should we expect to have BGN as a base currency?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I do not think we will get straight forward reply…tried many times to get info with no success :disappointed_relieved:

That’s why I moved to use Curve every day in BG and Revolut only when traveling… sad…


@AndreasK you mention HRK is really soon coming to :r:, so are BGN left over again to be the last unsupported EU currency?! Here I see many customers moving to Curve from Revolut as BGN is still unsupported?


We all need BGN to start actually using :r: and not switch to other alternative


BGN is here

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Yessss :slight_smile: but still we have to wait for BGN top-ups :slight_smile: but is a start!!! :scream:


But I can`t actually top up in BGN …


:metal: They’ve added BGN in the latest app update!


With today’s update thy added BGN and HRK, not base currency though.
Thank you :slight_smile: