Add BGN to the list of currencies

Hello, Team!

Me and many friends are really happy to use Revolut when traveling, but in order to make use of it also locally, it would be great to have our national currency (BGN).

Otherwise for a BGN transactions we have either one or two currency exchanges and it gets way more expensive compared to local bank transfers.

Please, consider adding our Lev to your great platform!

Thank you in advance, and keep the good work :slight_smile:


yeah, that would be great!

+1. Will be great! :slight_smile:

+1 from me too. I will be very happy with BGN as base currency.

+1 for BGN! That would be great! It will make Revolut the perfect choice for everyday banking in Bulgaria.

Yes please!Yes please!Yes please!

@anon33247966 do we have “soon” or “it’s on the corner” :slight_smile: for the BGN accounts top-up, the support keep telling “we are working on it as we speak” but this reply was stretched out to till 1 year ago? I think completing the EU/EEA currencies/accounts availability should be a priority for :r: since :r: is officially covering all EU/EAA.


sounds pretty smart move to me… double conversion each time is not really what we bulgarians are looking for in Revolut

I think nobody wants to throw money at the air with double conversions! Now I use :r: only abroad, no worth using it locally for the same reason. I think :r: can only benefit from this as more people will use the card locally.

+1 I used Revolut a lot and do not like this conversion too.


Revolut is opening an office in Bulgaria but still we do not have the BGN?

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office in Bulgaria? да бееее :joy::top:

Офис :joy::joy:


Yep, they will be here soon.

And yes please add the BGN! So many people will start to use the card here :slight_smile:


+1 And I like that. We will wait.

I hope after the event to have that option here :slight_smile:

I really hope too.

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I hope so too :slightly_smiling_face:

Надеждата умира последна… :smiley:

So many people use this card here in Bulgaria! This is a must :slight_smile: