Add beneficiary by scanning IBAN/BIC from paper/screen


Adding a beneficiary is rather time consuming and could be easier. You have to type IBAN and BIC as well as Name and contact details of that beneficiary into the app.

Possible solution: Offer a “scanner” when adding a beneficiary. Allow taking a picture of a paper or screen with the camera. Recognize the text (OCR), especially IBAN, BIC, email and phone number, and optionally the name. With the IBAN checksum and a list of all available BIC, this should deliver rather reliable results. At least the domain part of an email can be validated if the domain exists.

Anyway, this would speed up adding a beneficiary and would thereby encourage the use of Revolut. :slight_smile:


Very good idea!
It will be very useful!


Interesting idea! Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: